Thursday, January 5, 2012

Piggy of the Month

There are a lot of people in the health and well-being community I admire, many of them are on Facebook and I'll admit to only having met three of them in person:  Julianna Hever, the Plant Based Dietitian, Jeff Novick, renowned speaker and registered dietitian, and Beverley Edwards-Miller, owner of bev-HEALTH and Wellness in Toronto.

Not long ago one of my favourite bloggers, Tess Masters, sent me an exciting email request.  She makes regular blog posts on Healthy Blender Recipes and each month she features a member of the health and wellness online community; other bloggers, fans or people she admires, to write their story for a guest spot on her blog.  She gave me lots of notice, thankfully because I tend to procrastinate, but truth be told, I was forced to write it the afternoon before the deadline.  Oops! So I sent her my story of my journey to a vegan diet, including some pictures and some recipes of my favourite foods.

Here is the link to my story on her blog:

Here is the link to the recipe she altered slightly to make it EVEN better:

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  1. I loved reading your story and can very much sympathise with it being harder to come out as vegan than gay. Often I describe myself as vegetarian and then slip in "oh, and I'm lactose intolerant" if dairy foods come up in the conversation (I probably am lactose intolerant by now, anyway) whereas I can wield the labels "lesbian" or "dyke" with confidence. Also, people tend to assume I'm vegan because I'm gay which is strange because some of the biggest meat lovers I know are lesbian.